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Why Christians Need to Homeschool
Why Christians Need to Homeschool

Why Christians Should Homeschool Their Children
Why Christians Need to Evacuate the Public Schools
a Treatise by
Sean & Lara Capparuccia

It is always exciting preparing for these annual seminars and I have been praying that God would send here those who needed to hear this particular message. That would be you, then, wouldn’t it? And you thought you came by choice. We have enjoyed presenting messages on homeschooling for the last several years because it is not only something that we felt was important 17 years ago when we started, but it has gotten more important every year since. Homeschooling is different - it is not something you do, it is a way of life.
 Obviously, many people have some strange ideas about homeschooling – quite frankly, it is kinda weird. At least that’s what a lot of people think. Well, to tell you the truth, as a Christian, I think that putting my children under the tutelage of a system that does not know God, refuses to acknowledge Him, and increasingly seeks to refuteHim, is kinda weird-ER! 
Nevertheless, we aren’t here to judge one another’s decisions as parents– we only want to inform you of an option that perhaps you have not had much exposure to or time to really think about. Homeschooling may indeed not be for everyone, but I believe wholeheartedly that it is for every Christian. 
I will forewarn you there may be some things here that may disagree with what you know, or conflict with what you don’t know - yet. I would encourage you hear it out and we can discuss later.             
      Why do homeschoolers choose to school at home? Why have we, as parents, chosen to go against what is considered “normal” and take control of our children’s education? Over the years Lara and I have met with various answers to this question:
Some say it is for “religious” reasons, whether that religion is Christian or not, because the State does not adequately address or acquiesce to their beliefs.
Some say it is for educational reasons because the State does not adequately teach their children – whether their children fail to be challenged by State curriculums or whether their children have special needs that the State fails to meet. 
Some say it is for political reasons because the State is a conspiratorial institution that seeks to control us and they want to have as little to do with the government as possible. We know several people in this camp. 
Some say it is for social reasons because the State fails to uphold their family’s moral values- which could be tied to religious reasons. 
And some say it is simply because public school interferes with their family schedule in one way or another, i.e. they don’t like to get up that early in the morning (that would be us.) Among the military, there are many who have found that the freedom of homeschooling allowed them to visit many places they may not have otherwise seen. 
Now, even though people can come up with all these different reasons, and more, to homeschool their kids, I think the real reason that underlies all of them is simple: it is a God-given command to raise our children and to educate them. This is the way God made it and when we don’t do it that way, things start to feel awkward. It may take a long time; you may be able to ignore it; but it still rubs you the wrong way. 
So where does God say educate your children? Central to all that God commanded His people were these three commands: 
“Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God, the LORD is one. Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength. These commandments that I give you today are to be upon your hearts. [He says to]  Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up” (Deut. 6:4-7).  It’s as simple as that. 

           Listen, we talk a lot about what Truth is today, but this is nothing new. Mankind has always had a problem with Truth, with Reality.  And here God answers the question, “what is the Reality?, the Truth?” in eight words: “The Lord your God, the Lord is one.” (The Hebrew word translated “one” here is echad. Adonai echad. But if we look at some of the other renderings of echad we get a beautiful picture of what God meant. Echad means
first,     alone,     altogether,     certain,     only,     together.   This is who God is… and this is where Truth begins.)
God said this so that no one could question which God we were talking about. This is the God of Creation, of Abraham, of Isaac, of Jacob/Israel, the God of the Bible – all other gods are false, they do not represent Truth.  (For example,
Zeus is not God; Allah is not God; Buddha is not God;
that beautiful mountain in the Western part of the State is not 
despite what he or she may insinuate, your spouse is not God;
your boss is not God;
your church, your pastor, your T.V., your car, your boat, your 
            laptop – none of these are God. 
So, we have this Reality which is extra nosoutside of ourselves,– Adonai Echad. 
Then we have a response to this reality: “Love God with all our hearts, soul, strength” or “mind.”[1] This is inward. Because we know this God who created our universe, we reverence Him, we fear Him, and we obey Him.[2] In Romans 12, Paul says, “Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God--this is your reasonable act of worship.”[3] In other words, because of what God did for you, the least you can do is offer your lives back to Him. This echoes Deuteronomy 6:5 – it is our response to the Truth.
Knowing the Truth, then, and having the proper inward response to the Truth, we also have an outward responsibility to the Truth. Let’s be honest, this is where we all fail; we all fall short along the way. We aren’t proud of it, but we do have a hard time living out what we say we believe. (This is the one of the biggest complaints non-Christians have against Christians – when they don’t live out what they say they believe.) Nevertheless, our responsibility is to take what we know to be Truth and pass it on to others. Most churches take the Great Commission as their greatest cause – to share the truth of Jesus with others and make disciples. But if we have the passion to share Truth with friends and neighbors and strangers, (listen to this) how much moreshould we be sharing it with those over whom we have the most influence – our children? Again, Deuteronomy says, “Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.”    …Saturate your children with the Truth.
 Jesus said to baptize all nations in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey Christ’s commands.” The word baptize in the Greek generally means “to immerse.” Forget about the water for a minute and listen to it this way: “Go all over the world making disciples, immersing, saturating, drowning, smothering them in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit and teaching them to obey Christ.” Do you hear a slightly different connotation there? 
Immerse them. 
Drown them in the Truth and teach them to obey it. Are we really doing that? 
It is our responsibility. Why do we homeschool? This is why. Need I go on? Well, yes. So I will elaborate some more.    
Pro-homeschool or Anti-publicschool?
The logical argument, then, is that Truth can be taught to our children just the same whether they are in public school or homeschool. And yet… there is something that stirs within (isn’t there?) that wants to homeschool. It seems rather evident that the choice to homeschool is at the same time a purposeful choice against public school. It is either/or. I know of very few people who homeschool and think that it is just as wonderful to send their kids to a State-school. No, on the contrary, people homeschool precisely because they do NOT want their children in a State-school. Imagine a pro-life advocate saying that abortion is okay – Pro-life is, by definition, at the same time anti-abortion. And I say this because I want the two ideologies – homeschool and public school – to be clearly contrasted. 
A woman I know who is a Christian has a husband who, while being a believer himself, does not find it necessary to attend church, despite the fact that she feels that it is. Nevertheless, she recently told me that she felt that it was more godly for her to support him in not going to public worship than it was for her to go without him. What do you think? I asked her, “if your husband asked you to steal a car  would you do it? Of course not, because he would be asking you to break God’s command.” And yet, is that not exactly what he is doing here? Not only is he wanting her to break the fourth commandment to keep the Sabbath holy and worship, but he is asking her to break the first commandment by setting himself over God to his wife.  She is wrong in her understanding, and even though the Truths of Scripture may be hard to swallow at times, I hope she at least understands that Truth.  

         I tell you that story to make this point: public school today is based on a Lie. Not everyone can understand that; not everyone can accept it. It is a hard thing. It may sound radical, and that’s okay but understand this: being a godly parent is a radical undertaking. As the gap between the world and the Faith gets wider and wider, Christians become more and more radical.  We have to be able to discern what is good and what is detrimental to our lives. Psalm 11:3 says
, “When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?” The first thing to do is ask the question: what can I do?  So many people fail to recognize that they can do something to follow God more nearly and improve the life of their family!! 
This is why I want so desperately to show that the State-school system is not some benign institution that we can just roll our eyes at and hope that our children make it through okay. No! The public school system is rooted in a system of beliefs that don’t just ignore God; they refute Him. It denies His existence, it persecutes His people, and it replaces His Truth with a lie. 
   I had this job once where I had to call people and sell this magazine or catalogue. I had like a 10-minute training session and then was put in my cubicle. “Call these numbers, here’s the script, get their information and hang up.” I was young. I didn’t understand much. Well, that information I had to get was their routing number off their check. It didn’t feel right, but I was too ignorant to know why. I didn’t have a checking account at the time. Well two weeks later, I came to work and the place was cleaned out. Turns out it was a scam. I felt terrible. I went against my gut feeling and kept working. I was selling a lie.
Now, in light of the Deuteronomy passage we discussed, tell me why any parent who knows and loves God would put their child under the tutelage of this system without reservation?? Statistics are showing a coming mass exodus of children out of public schools.

            Lest anybody think that people who homeschool are so few consider this: When we first started homeschooling in 1995, there were 8,171 registered homeschools in NC. Last year there were 47,977!
In the last 10 years, the number of homeschools in Onslow County has increased 224% - from 318 to 713.
In NC, homeschoolers make up almost 5% of all school kids and this trend is steadily rising.
In the United States, the number of homeschooled children has doubled in the last decade.            
Which Religion?
In his book The Five Pillars of Biblical Success, Gary North proposes that there are three religions into which all people fall. Mr. North’s categories are as follows:
Dominion religion- those whose god is the God of the Bible and live accordingly;
Power religion - those whose god is themselves and/or what they create, i.e. corporations, governments, or empires, and seek to be worshipped;
and  Escape religion - those whose god is any number of things, including a form of Yahweh, although their understanding – their beliefs – lead them to escape in one way or another from living according to prescribed principles, i.e. the Bible, and have “individual spiritual authority.” In my estimation, most people fall into this category.
Even though it is always nice to have that “third” category, that “third” choice, in truth there only two religions: the religion of Abel, who sought to obey and please Yahweh; and the religion of Cain who “brought his sacrifice, but not his heart.”[4] He disregarded Yahweh and placed himself, by his actions, outside of God’s authority.  
Here’s another truth: “As a man thinks, so he does.” What we believe affects what we do. Actions follow thought, at least with most people. I do know a few who act before thinking - (you know who you are!!) 
“In the beginning, God…”[5] Assuming we understand which God we are talking about, that is, the one True God, this establishes the beginning of all that is and all that follows – this, then, for the God-fearing person, becomes the beginning of wisdom.    God is the Creator; every other thought and action should stem from this.
   Even “science” is showing more and more that our world had a creator of some sort.  So let’s follow the logic
if God is the beginning of all things and the source of all things (including me), then I must accept that what God says and what God does, whether in history or in the present, has significance for me. It certainly bears investigation. 
And upon investigation I find that God’s first creations rebelled against Him and because of that sin all humanity, including me, is tainted by it and thus in need of redemption.[6]  
And at a certain point in history this God who created all things became flesh, died a physical and painful death, and rose again in accordance with prophecies that were told long before for the purpose of redeeming sinful man. 
That this event fulfilled over 100 prophecies of the Old Testament automatically gives credence to the Old Testament – assuming you understand the validity of the Bible.[7] 
That this event is verifiable by Biblical, ecclesiastical, and secular records gives credence to the New Testament. 
Suffice it to say that the man Jesus was who He said He was, and this Truth in itself has tremendous ramifications for all of humanity. For anyone to think that Jesus being the Son of God only affects those who believe it do not understand the enormity of the statement. He either is the Son of God or He isn’t. Again, the place to start is that God – the God of the Bible - is Creator; all other Truth flows from this.
With this as the starting point, we then find, at the least, these next three points: 1) that God through Jesus Christ redeems His people; 2)that the Bible is “God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness…”[8]; and 3) that we, as created beings, are subordinate to God and under His authority.
   When we accept these to be truth, then certain actions will flow from that. We will… share the truth with others, read the Bible, learn about God’s laws and history, cultivate relationships with God and with His people, love others in a Biblical way, live for Christ, and we will instill these things in our children and whoever else is under our authority. 
What about when a Christian does things that are wrong, unbiblical, or ungodly? Why do they do these things if actions flow from belief? One, and let me put this in the 3rd person, we sometimes suppress what we know to be true for one reason or another. Or two, a particular belief is in error and contradicts what is Truth. This is why we have God’s Word, God’s Spirit, and God’s Church (or God’s people) – to teach us, to convict us, and help us know what Truth is.[9]
   If, then, we want to live by the Truth, we should have some reaction to what is not Truth; darkness cannot coexist with Light; light exposes the darkness. If we know the Truth and attempt to live in darkness, there will be un-ease, or dis-ease. 
Psalm 120:1-2 reads, “I call on the LORD in my distress, and he answers me. Save me, O LORD, from lying lips and from deceitful tongues.” Two words jump out here: distress and save. We can sense the emotion here. The Psalmist is in distress because of the lies around him. 
And we lie so easily don’t we?  Someone asks, “Hey, how are you doing?” And we answer, “Just fine” when we know all is not fine; our cat was run over, our child is sick with a fever and we just forgot our anniversary.   And we get lied to so easily as well. In this Psalm, there is a desperate plea for God to save from lies. But here’s the clencher: if we don’t know what Truth is, how can we know the lie? 
   About this Psalm, author and pastor Eugene Peterson writes,
“Rescue me from the person who tells me of life and omits Christ,
who is wise in the ways of the world and ignores the movement of the Spirit. 
The lies are impeccably factual. They contain no errors. There are no distortions or falsified data. 
But they are lies all the same, because they claim to tell us who we are and omit everything about our origin in God and our destiny in God. They talk about the world without telling us that God made it. They tell us about our bodies without telling us that they are temples of the Holy Spirit. They instruct us in love without telling us about the God who loves us and gave himself for us.”[10] 
Wow! Imagine that - a lie that is “impeccably factual!” We have over many centuries developed a very warped sense of Truth and lie but this is the defining mark: does it flow from the fact that God is the Creator and Christ is Redeemer? If it does not, then it is lie. 
Now I’m not talking about surface truth and surface lie. 2+2=4: that is truth and it can’t be made a lie. But it is surface truth. The deep Truth that makes this simple math true is that God, in His wisdom, made this to be true. If God is denied as the source of this math, then it is a lie. I know that sounds very philosophical but in order for some of us to be justified in homeschooling, we need to follow this reasoning.
Now, objections to what Christians teach always come up. Sure, we can teach our kids about Jesus and Moses and Egypt. But what about Science? What about the dinosaurs and a worldwide Flood that created the continents, not millions of years of continental drift? I think a thorn in a lot of Christian homeschooler’s sides is Dinosaurs. The word “dinosaur” has become synonymous with “millions of years ago” and “Darwinism” as if Darwin himself invented the dinosaur. We, Christians, cannot ignore the fossils – dinosaurs existed. But the secular evolutionists cannot ignore the fossil record – dinosaurs co-existed with man. And yet, the existence of dinosaurs can be taught as lie, or as truth. There is a difference, and it is a difference that can impact a child’s thinking for the rest of his/her life.

       Now that I have introduced the D-word, Darwinism, into the discussion, I’d like to show how evolution is the single most undermining philosophy in our world today. Darwin himself was quite skeptical of his own ideas and what we are being taught today is nothing like what he came up with. But this only shows how careful we should be with our ideas. Again: what is main question? Ask: is this thought, this feeling, this teaching in accordance with the revealed Truth? I think a lot would be avoided if that question was consistently asked.
So, despite Darwin’s original intent, what has happened since his time has been a constant trend towards hyper-Darwinism which has given people a way to remove Godfrom the material world. Today, Darwinism underscores the entire public school curriculum in our country, if not the world. The evolutionary philosophy colors every subject and is taught as truth even though there has never been any evidence to support it. Even many Christians have been deluded into thinking that evolution and Christianity can coexist. (I was one.) They can not- they are mutually exclusive.  
Creation scientist Henry Morris writes,  “Creation is no more ‘religious’ than evolution – in fact, less so! And evolution is no more ‘scientific’ than creation – in fact, less so! Schools could very easily teach scientific creationism with no reference whatsoever to the Bible or to other religious literature or religious doctrine.”[11] 
The theory of evolution is itself a religion based on faith that stands in direct opposition to God’s Word, God’s Creation, God’s plan of redemption, and to Biblical values. Consider survival of the fittest: does this one idea alone not give credence to racism, sexism, abortion, euthanasia, and murder? Yet God’s Word teaches life, love, compassion, and mercy. And although many people would say they don’t believe these things, their fundamental beliefs would not discourage it. Consider Hitler’s Germany and the millions of Germans who followed his ideas. Let me reiterate: evolution and Christianity cannot live side-by-side. One places God in the center; the other places mankind in the center – which is called secular humanism.
 While the trend towards this secular humanism had been slowly gaining momentum, it wasn’t until the 1950’s that it really began to take hold. Three major shifts in education have taken place that have led us to the point where we are now.[12] 
Up until the early 1950’s the public school had become a local institution run by the parents, relatives, and friends within a community. Everyone pretty much knew each other and either had similar values or respected each others’ values which were reflected in the curriculum. So what catastrophic event happened in 1946? After WWII, in 1946, there was a population explosion. No one thought much about it until 1951 when all those wonderful babies were ready for school. The number of children entering school increased 500% from 1950 to 1951. No longer could the schools identify let alone reinforce the family values represented by so many kids.
Secondly, since the establishment of the Federal Department of Education in 1979, the growing federal presence in schools has led to a nationally influenced curriculum instead of locally produced ones that fit the values of the people. This is when “politically correct” started. The values of a few heads in Washington began to be taught as the “norm” for the whole country.
And lastly, because of this, parents have changed the way they think of education. They feel it is the school’s job, the principals, the teachers, etc., to teach their children. This has also spilled over into church where it is the youth or children’s pastor’s job to educate the children in doctrine rather than the parents taking primary responsibility over their child’s education. 
When the parents fail to be their children’s educators, they do nothing more than feed, clothe, and shelter them. Adolph Hitler once said, “Whoever teaches the children, controls the nation.” Yes, we may meet our children’s needs, but their respect and attention belongs to the public schools. Lara and I saw a glimpse of this when our oldest went to first grade…
Lawyer and theologian Gary DeMar reflects on the first chapter of Daniel when Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, took away captives from Israel to serve in his court. DeMar writes, “First came the plundering of the old religion, the introduction of the new sovereign, and finally capturing the best and the brightest to be indoctrinated into the ways of the new religion controlled by the State (1:1).”[13]
Is this not exactly what is happening in the schools today? It goes back to North’s proposals of religions. Our beloved nation was built on dominion religion. By God’s grace the separatists and puritans left the power religion of Europe and founded America as a free and soon to be sovereign nation under God. Now we can argue all day about how some of the framers of the Constitution were not true Christians but only Deists. But the documents and the history stand on their own. Despite what the beliefs of some of these early architects were, the fact that this country had at its root a Christian ethic is indisputable. And yet, this factual heritage is being disputed in public schools today. 
The dominion religion that underscored America for nearly three centuries has moved toward a power religion of the State in the last several decades. And unfortunately, too many in the Church have defected to an escape religion and are refusing to get involved.
There is one argument that I have heard a lot that really gets me. Some people say, “if we take our kids out of the schools, then there won’t be a Christian presence.” Listen, most adults can’t even argue against evolution. How in the world do they expect their kids to? Children are to be protected, not sent to the front lines to fight our battles for us. 
What about Christian teachers?  Should they all quit?  Absolutely not!  We need a Christian presence in all places, but we need to recognize dangerous environments and leave them to those who are properly equipped.
After our children have been immersed in the Truth and are ready for battle, then we send them, as God wills, into the government, into the media, and into the public school system to turn it around. But right now we need to raise up a generation of warriors who can hold their ground in the Truth.
Why do we homeschool? Because the State is bent on controlling the coming generations with the Lie that ignores our God. And it is our God-given command to teach our children Truth. In the end, this wonderful Truth, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, is their only inheritance to pass along to their own children. Thinking back to Daniel, our choice is to eat the king’s food and serve the State, or to obey God and trust in Him. 
                                   Is There Really A Choice?

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